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Re: windtone horn

Subject: Re: windtone horn
From: Charlie Baldwin <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:05:12 -0500
Thanks to all who helped with information.  Today I got the horn 
adjusted and it works just great.

Is that the club that Carl Cederstrand is in?  A couple of years ago my 
wife and I were vacationing in Palm Springs, CA and we got to our hotel 
to find the parking lot full of T series MGs.  Imagine traveling across 
the country and running into something like that.  They were there on 
their yearly jaunt to spend a couple of days in Palm Springs.


roy-rose wrote:

>For once the memory didn't fail me!  Here's the web site:
>Check out their technical articles.
>And here's the article attached.
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>Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 10:31 AM
>To: roy-rose
>Subject: Re: windtone horn
>No, I've never heard of that publication.  Let me search for their
>website and maybe I can get it there.  If not, I'll take you up on your
>kind offer.
>roy-rose wrote:
>>Do you have the document entitled "Hints from Austin's Morris Garage"?
>>a 6 page "how to" on repair and maintenance of the Lucas Windtone horn.
>>I believe it's on the Southern Cal MG club site.  If you don't have it let
>>me know and I'll send a copy to you.
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>>Subject: windtone horn
>>I 'm trying to get one of the horns working on a TD.  When it arrived,
>>it was disassembled, so I put it together and mounted it on the car.  It
>>is missing the pin that goes in the hole in the center of the solenoid,
>>so I borrowed the one from the other horn that works fine.  That also
>>takes that horn out of the equation.  When I push the horn button,
>>nothing happens until I start to let off of it and there is a very small
>>sound and I can see the diaphram move.  I would go on from here to try
>>to adjust it as the shop manual says, except after pushing the button
>>several times, some smoke appeared to come off of the horn and the fuse
>>(20 Amp American SFE fuse) got very hot, close to blowing.  Is that
>>normal when the horn is out of adjustment?  The shop manual tells you to
>>remove the fuse and short across the terminals when adjusting the horn,
>>so perhaps it is normal.  Should I just proceed as the manual says, or
>>is there maybe another problem?
>>Charlie Baldwin
>>'52 TD

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