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RE: windtone horn

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Subject: RE: windtone horn
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It sounds like the points in the horn are starting out closed and not
opening enough. Those are exactly the symptoms when the points aren't
opening enough. Start with the points in an open position and slowly adjust
until you have the clean steady tone. A properly tuned 12 volt Windtone will
draw about 6 - 7 amps, but obviously if it is poorly adjusted, it can be a
lot higher than that. It's hard to damage a Windtone horn, but adjust it off
the car to protect the car wiring.

Lew Palmer

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Subject: windtone horn

I 'm trying to get one of the horns working on a TD.  When it arrived, 
it was disassembled, so I put it together and mounted it on the car.  It 
is missing the pin that goes in the hole in the center of the solenoid, 
so I borrowed the one from the other horn that works fine.  That also 
takes that horn out of the equation.  When I push the horn button, 
nothing happens until I start to let off of it and there is a very small 
sound and I can see the diaphram move.  I would go on from here to try 
to adjust it as the shop manual says, except after pushing the button 
several times, some smoke appeared to come off of the horn and the fuse 
(20 Amp American SFE fuse) got very hot, close to blowing.  Is that 
normal when the horn is out of adjustment?  The shop manual tells you to 
remove the fuse and short across the terminals when adjusting the horn, 
so perhaps it is normal.  Should I just proceed as the manual says, or 
is there maybe another problem?
Charlie Baldwin
'52 TD

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