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[Bricklin] Fw: Compressor system

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Subject: [Bricklin] Fw: Compressor system
From: "Dr. Charles Pankratz" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 21:22:39 -0500
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From: "Dr. Charles Pankratz" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 1:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Bricklin] Compressor system

> Bill,
> I have installed a kill switch in the hatch compartment of my vehicle. 
> This will completely kill all power to everything. Bricklins are famous 
> for electrical leaks and this will not only insure against them, but also 
> from anyone wishing to steal the vehicle.
> If your car sits for a long time and the tank runs down following are some 
> remedies: 1. Correct the air leak. 2. switch on the air pump (after 
> turning on the kill switch) with the switch on the pump and fill up the 
> tank and open the doors.
> Dr. Charles Pankratz
> vin # 1683
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> Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 11:46 PM
> Subject: [Bricklin] Compressor system
>>I have Bricklin 1643.  Recently I found the battery was dead in the car. 
>>Further investigation revealed the battery was fine, but was being drained 
>>by the compressor running when the car was shut off.  (Yes, I have 
>>compressor cut-out switch over the front bumper, but I hadn't flipped it 
>>to OFF).  It appears the system loses about 4 pounds of pressure in two 
>>hours. Here are my questions:
>> 1)  According to Bob Hoffman, the switch is supposed to activate the 
>> compressor at around 130 pounds, and turn it off at around 145 pounds. 
>> However the sensor on my machine is marked 100 - 130 pounds.  When the 
>> tank is pressurized the doors work normally.  I'd be interested to know 
>> what other Bricks use for the "on" and "off" pressures for the 
>> compressor.
>> 2)  My local tech has checked for leaks and found none.  But he and I 
>> would both like to have a diagram of the air circuit for the door system. 
>> We are particularly interested in knowing where the check valve is that 
>> prevents the pressurized tank from leaking back into the compressor.
>> Any comments or assistance would be most welcome!
>> Bill
>> 1643
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