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Re: Parts help

Subject: Re: Parts help
From: "K M" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 00:15:03 PDT
I wrote this yesterday but didn't send it cause you sounded too down.  But 
it is important that people learn so the post follows:

Too bad that you paid the penalties already -- you didn't need to.  I didn't 
when I bought my california car that had not been registered for 7 years 
(and then I registered it in California).  Had you asked about it, I would 
have helped you through the system and around the fees.  What you do is go 
to the Cal dmv site and search the tags for the number that yours was 
(search in the personal license section) -- if available, then the car is 
off the roles and you need not pay penalties (unless you mention it to the 
clerk).  Kim

>  I need a little help. After 14 months #588 is ready to be registered.
>  Today I paid all the past years California DMV fees and penalties.
>Since it has not been registered since 1991 it was a serious size check.
>With my completed dmv forms and temporary operating permit I actually
>drove her to a local smog center for installation of a smog pump and
>certification. They easily located the smog pump, but after numerous
>calls and searches the could not locate any of the other parts
>necessary. I spent most of today at parts houses and at dealers, without
>I need the following:
>1  Part #  3.445   Air bypass valve and bracket.
>1      #  3.460   Exhaust Air supply manifold.
>1      #  3.415   smog pump bracket.
>I dpurchased the smog pump, but all other computer parts searches came
>up as no longer available. I will also need hoses and, clamps etc. but I
>expect these are all common parts.
>Anyone have a source or possibly have spares of the above smog parts??
>It was great to drive her, however as I was  driving home on the
>freeway, a headlamp cover (the drivers side) flew off and I watched in
>my rear view mirror as a Semi smashed it. So I now need a white lamp
>cover as well.( Just not my day)
>Today has been an emotional roller coaster!!!! Maybe one of you can help
>end it on a positive note.
>Frank Darling #588
>p.s. Anyone know how Stan Fransen is doing? Last I knew he was having a
>serious medical problem. I've called him at least 6 times but only get
>his recorder.
>Note my -NEW- Email address is

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