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Re: E-Bay Gate

Subject: Re: E-Bay Gate
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 00:08:18 EDT
In a message dated 10/27/99 11:13:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

>  In your
>  scenario, what reason would Parkdale have - why would he care what cathy10 
> bid?

He might have been just acting as a samaritan letting her know she had become 
the high bidder.  "Parkdale" may have been following the auction more closely 
than cathy10.  Since, as you say it was obvious that she was an inexperienced 
bidder on E-Bay, he might have simply been directing her to check back on the 
site to see that the other bids had been retracted and she was then high 
bidder.  This is not inconceivable, and I can see it easier than the 
malicious scenario you describe.  I have even had similar, positive, 
notifications happen to me personally at other types of auctions.
Although it may have happened either way, there is not enough evidence to say 
"Parkdale" was acting out of malice.  Moreover, there seems even smaller 
chance that cathy10 would have ultimately gone through with the sale, even 
without the email from "Parkdale."
For the sake of arguement, if you do make contact with cathy10 again, you 
might point out that there were only a handful of 4-speeds originally made, 
and many of those who have driven them have not given that configuration high 
marks.  You could suggest she could convert your '75 to manual transmission, 
as has been done successfully by several owners--but of course she should not 
damage any original parts and save everything that's removed :)


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