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Comment On "E-Bay Gate"

To: Bricklin Auto Team <>
Subject: Comment On "E-Bay Gate"
From: Raul Aristy <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:24:28 -0400
     I feel I must interject something here, about how auctions work, and about 
the Parkdale affair, AKA "E-Bay Gate".
     In an auction, the rules are very simple and ALWAYS in the sellers favor. 
(That's why there so popular!!) If a particular item to be bid on has a minimum 
bid that the seller demands, that is the sellers right. The minimum bid, if 
there is any, is nobody's business but the seller, and the auctioneer, in this 
case E-Bay. Those are the rules!!
     The retraction of an item does not in any way express, nor imply, that 
ANYTHING is not on the up and up. It simply means that either a minimum bid was 
not met, or that the bidding process did not proceed with the anticipated 
enthusiasm that the seller was expecting, and the seller decided not to sell. 
That is the sellers right! Period! Amen!! END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!
    To read into any of this as "underhanded" or not on the "up and up", is 
nothing short of paranoid. What would have been REALLY underhanded, would be if 
the sale went through, and the condition of the car was worse than advertised, 
and not worth the bid price. THAT is fraud by deception.
Bid In Peace!

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