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[Shop-talk] Fwd: mini-split or window unit ?

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Fwd: mini-split or window unit ?
From: Arvid <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 15:28:07 -0500
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As others will also mention ...

At least for mine it was 220v with ground no neutral to disconnect for the 
outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has a transformer in it that will provide the 
110v back to the indoor unit via the wiring that goes thru the same hole as the 
refrigerant tubing.

Be sure to include all of the tubing, tubing covering, wire between the indoor 
and outdoor unit, the need to evacuate the lines, etc. At least on the 
Mitsubishi the outdoor unit came precharged with refrigerant but you still need 
to evacuate the lines between the indoor and outdoor unit before you turn the 
valve on the outdoor unit to release the refrigerant into the lines.

I don't think anyone ships pre-sealed lines like Sears provided with their DIY 
Whole Home AC units that I installed in the house 35 years ago. Dean (THE HVAC 
GUY) replaced that unit about 25 years ago when the condenser stated leaking.

Another reason to let a pro do it was the length of the lines themselves. I was 
concerned about my ability to cut the lines and properly flare the ends for a 
lifetime good seal. Dean had the correct tools to do it properly and he 
guaranteed his work. Of course you may be able to not cut the lines and just 
roll up any excess near the outdoor unit but ...

I did begin to wonder though. We were talking while he was flaring the tubing 
and forgot to put the nut on before doing the flair. Obviously caught the error 
shortly thereafter. Note to self ... do not disturb the highly trained 
technician when he is working!!

On 4/22/21 2:20 PM, Mike Rambour wrote:
> Well, ok, you guys talked me into it...Mini-Split it is.
>   I looked into the wiring and it won't be as hard as I thought, I had 
> completely forgotten that I left a pull string in the attic (scissor joists, 
> so not enough room to crawl up there).  I must have been smarter in my old 
> days to leave that pull string there, it will make pulling 12/3 pretty easy 
> to the far corner of the garage and get a disconnect box there.
>   Now the debate is self-install something like Mr. Cool DIY or have someone 
> do it, but that is more a money debate than a shop-talk list debate :)
>      mike
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