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Re: [Shop-talk] Maybe the weirest shop related question asked here.

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Maybe the weirest shop related question asked here.
From: Steven Trovato via Shop-talk <>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 17:36:43 -0400
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Seems like most of the risk situations I read 
about were when people encountered dead bears and 
hunters, which is kind of the same thing.

-Steve T.

At 05:26 PM 4/2/2020, Bob Spidell via Shop-talk wrote:
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64re: "People 
>have little to fear in terms of catching diseases or
>parasites from bears"
>Maybe because scant few people survive 
>encounters with bears long enough to show symptoms???Û?
>ÈKÝ]?[??Ý?]È?XHÚÜ@talk wrote:
>>I realize that this is not what this exchange 
>>is really about, but it got me wondering about 
>>rabies in bears.  Apparently it is possible, 
>>but very rare.  According to  People have little to
>?X\?[?\?\ÈÙ?Ø]Ú[?È\ÙX\Ù\ÈÜ?\?\Ú]\È??om bears. As 
>Ø\?KX?ÛÙY[?[X[Ë?X\?ÈØ[?Ù]?X?Y@s, but it is very rare. There
>>are no known cases of a person catching rabies from a bear.
>TÝ]?H??£âB03:14 PM 4/2/2020, Randall via Shop-talk wrote:
>??am struggling to picture the situation where a "big enough
>?Fò&RFævW&÷W2"v­ÆBæ­ÖÂ6öÖW2­çFòæö?7?6?op by
>>> > choice.
>>??WfW"?V"öb&&­W2ü*§W7BÆ­°e people, wild animals aren't always
>>?][Û?[??à ø?´- Randall
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