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Re: [Shop-talk] Making a door thinner

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Making a door thinner
From: Pat Horne via Shop-talk <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2019 09:08:00 -0600
Cc: Shop Talk <>
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Most large cabinet shops have wide belt sanders. The biggest problem I see in 
using one is that you would be sanding across the grain on the rails. The grit 
on those sanders is usually 120 at best so you will probably have a lot of 
handwork to do. Good idea though. 

As to using a belt sander, there are framed available that bolt to the sander 
that make it much better for this kind of work. Iâ??ve seen some about 2â?? 

I needed to flatten a 60â?? wide cypress stump slab & just used a belt sander & 
straight edge to find what needed taking down. Took awhile but did the job. 

Pat Horne 
We support Habitat for Humanity

> On Dec 22, 2019, at 8:58 AM, Jim Franklin via Shop-talk 
> <> wrote:

I took a cabinetmaking class at a state university and they had a giant belt 
sander that was set up like a planer. Maybe ask around the local 

I would not attenpt it with a hand planer, I think that's too inaccurate a tool 
for surfaces wider than the planer.


> On Dec 22, 2019, at 9:26 AM, Jim Stone via Shop-talk 
> <> wrote:
> I am installing a barn door in my recently remodeled house and have come up 
> with a problem I would like the groupâ??s help with.  I need to put up a pair 
> of 8â?? x 30" barn doors, one of which will slide in next to a tall kitchen 
> cabinet.  So, not exactly a pocket door, but it needs to fit into a pocket.  
> When we designed/installed the kitchen cabinets we planned the cabinets for a 
> 1 3/8â?? - 1 1/2â?? door, which I planned to make out of tongue and groove 
> boards or possibly shiplap.  However, my wife has lately decided that she 
> doesnâ??t like the look of the board door and wants to try something 
> different.  I wanted to install something temporary while she shops and 
> decides and we went to Habitat for Humanityâ??s ReStore yesterday to see if 
> they had anything that would cheaply do the trick, at least for the holidays. 
>  To our surprise, they had a pair of new, really nice, 8x30 shaker style 
> doors for $50 each that would look really good in the house.  They are solid 
> wood, I think poplar, and the only problem is that they are 1 3/4â?? thick.  
> I bought them anyway, figuring I could always donate them back if there 
> wasnâ??t a good way to make them work. 
> There is a possibility that I might be able to make the doors work by 
> tweaking the barn door hardware, as the opening is about 1 5/8â??.  I will 
> try that, but doubt the wall tolerances are that precise.  It it doesnâ??t 
> work, my only option - besides re-donating the doors - is to try to narrow 
> the doors a bit.  This should be possible, since the stiles and rails are 
> 4â?? and 8â??, respectively, so I am not talking about narrowing the entire 
> width of the door.  
> (For what it is worth, I should add here that while the doors are currently 
> 8x30, I need to tweak that a bit to make the match the cabinets and door 
> opening and will be cutting them down to about 84â?? x 29â??.  
> I currently have a good bench top planer that I canâ??t see anyway to use, 
> and a cheap HF hand planer that might work.  But, of course, I would be happy 
> to buy a new one or another tool that would do the job.  We are probably 
> looking at more than $1000 for a pair of 8â?? doors that make my wife happy, 
> so there is lots of room in the budget for a new tool.  So, what does the 
> group think?  Can I safely take about 1/8â?? off each face of these doors.  
> Is an electric hand planer my best option, or is there another way?  They 
> will be painted in the end, so I can fill in any random gouges, but they do 
> have to be smooth and even.
> As always, thanks for any advice and Happy Holidays to all!
> Jim
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