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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] tire balancing
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Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 13:40:39 -0500
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That's interesting.  I always thought of static balancing as being 
done with a bubble balancer sitting still on the floor.  And any 
balancing with the wheel actually spinning I would call 
dynamic.  They obviously use the terms differently.  I imagine it 
wouldn't hurt any if you did both for the rear as well, even if it 
isn't necessary.  The whole premise of on-the-car balancing is that 
you don't want to move the tires around.  Even if you remove and 
replace a wheel, you want to mark it so you put the same lug studs 
through the same wheel holes.  I would think in modern off-the-car 
balancing they should just balance all of the wheels the best they 
can regardless of position.  I suppose they could use a lower 
standard for the rears, but that seems pretty lame to me.


At 01:21 PM 11/5/2019, Randall via Shop-talk wrote:
>I don't know that this is relevant, but the manual for my on-the-car 
>balancer (an antique so old it actually uses vacuum tubes) talks 
>about "static" and "dynamic" imbalance as two different tire/wheel 
>conditions. Its sensor only works in one direction, so first you 
>check for the tire hopping up and down (which it call static 
>imbalance), then for wobble from side to side (dynamic). IIRC, the 
>dynamic check is only done on the front axle.
>-- Randall

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