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Re: [Shop-talk] Miter saw or compound miter saw

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Miter saw or compound miter saw
From: Ronnie Day <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 16:31:24 -0500
> A non-sliding saw is limited by the diameter of the blade and the angle of
the cut. B If you are cutting perpendicular to a board, you could cut a
certain width of 1" board, or you could cut a certain size of square board.
B If you angle the cut it reduces your capacity. B You can always cut halfway
through, flip the piece over and cut the other halfway through but this
reduces your precision and can get more difficult if you are cutting a miter.
B If you want to cut larger, you need a bigger diameter blade, OR you need a
sliding saw. B I don't think a good sliding saw affects accuracy that much, a
poor sliding saw might. B It just depends on what you need.
> You should pick a saw based on what size you want to cut or think you want
to cut. B If you think you will plan for the worst case then you will have to
buy the sliding saw because you can always visualize the need to sometime cut
something wide. B BUT the bigger the saw, the heavier the saw, and they can
get heavy in a hurry. B If you need to carry it around, you don't want any
bigger saw than you need.
> I wanted the DeWalt sliding saw, but it is more expensive than I could
justify and also it is pretty darned heavy. B I didn't have an immediate need
so I gave up on that desire. B The next time I have a real job that I need a
saw for, then I'll start shopping again and buy one, maybe just big enough for
that job.

We have both a Rigid 12 inch sliding compound saw and a Ryobi 10
compound saw. As mention the 12 inch is massive. We have it on one of
the MSUVs (Miter Saw Utility Vehicles) and wouldn't have it any other
way. However it can be a PITA to move around, even on the cart. While
cutting framing for our new place we cut most of the studs, cripples,
headers, etc., where we're living using the 12 inch, then carried the
10 in to the job site and cut the top most cripples there. Worked out

IIRC, we paid over $600 for the 12 inch, with the cart and I got the
10 in on a Black Friday sale for maybe $70. I keep shape quality
blades for both. Makes a HUGE difference.

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