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Re: [Shop-talk] flat screen heat

To: John Niolon <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] flat screen heat
From: Ronnie Day <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 19:50:49 -0500
> John Niolon

> I walked up close to my 54" flat screen last night and could feel the heat
> coming from the screen... B was suprised at how warm the screen was when I
> touched it... B now that I realize what a little oven I've got there I'm
> wondering if adding a couple of whisper quiet muffin fans to the lower
> on the back might accomplish.. it would at least move a little air through
> case...


Yes, they can get toasty, but unless you have the TV mounted inside a
cabinet just barely big enough for it I wouldn't worry about it. If
it's out in the open , on a stand or hung on a wall I just wouldn't
bother. I've got a couple of Sharps that have been in use for roughly
three years without any issues.

In any case you'd want to pull the heat out of the top of a device or
area it's housed in. If you've got the TV in a cabinet you could mount
a fan in an upper corner of the section the TV is housed in and
exhaust the warm air out the back of the cabinet.

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