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Re: [Shop-talk] Successfully using the HF Tire Changer

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Successfully using the HF Tire Changer
From: Jim Stone <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 21:23:20 -0600
I apologize if I am spamming the list, but I sent this note out on Saturday
and it never arrived in my inbox, so I have to assume it got hung up somewhere
in the ether and I really wanted to close the loop on this and thank everyone
who contributed.  So...


Accomplished!  Thanks to all of the help from the Shop-Talk team, I now
have five Porsche rims sitting in my garage
rafters, rather than taking up room on my garage floor.  Following the
advice of the group, I was able to remove the tires today with relative
ease.  There were a couple of keys to making things work, all of which
I learned here.  The first was to adjust the breaker bar and the wheel
so that the bar was pushing down close to vertically, and then to make
certain the bar stayed as close as possible to the wheel rim.  The
second was to poor a little PB Blaster around each rim and letting that
soak a little while.  It really seemed to help.  Finally, I will also
add that finally bolting the changer to the floor made a big
difference.  Bolting it to a 2x6 was fine for the easy-to-remove 40
year old bias tires that were on the old Alpine wheels I had, but it
was part of the problem when it came to the larger Porsche wheels.

I ever do it again, I will definitely make a longer pry bar.  More
leverage would have helped.  I will also probably buy a set of the rim
protectors.  I made a few from the handle off an old plastic bottle
(again, following advice from this group), but ones that snapped on the
rims would have made life easier.

Eventually, I will want to
refinish them or have them refinished.  I am not sure yet which way to
go, but I know where to go to get the advice when I get to that point.

My thanks to everyone who posted their advice and recommendations.

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