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Re: [Shop-talk] Successfully using the HF Tire Changer

To: "Mullen, Tim (IS)" <>, Team shop-talk
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Successfully using the HF Tire Changer
From: Brian Kennedy <>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:46:10 -0800
I'm trying to remember what my dad did. I think he nailed a 2x4 to the barn
wall about a 6" from the floor, had a 6' pry bar and a short 2x4 or
something. I sort of remember laying the tire on the floor, laying the short
2x4 next to the bead, then using the pry bar to push down. I think we'd also
pound on the bead with a 3# hammer. If memory serves.
Brian K

On 12/18/09 10:06 AM, "Mullen, Tim (IS)" <> wrote:

> I've been quietly laughing at the various stories about changing tires.
> You see, when I was young, I worked at a service station (we actually
> waited on customers), and used to change tires all the time on a machine
> that was not much more than the HF one.  It was just part of the job.
> But the funniest was when one of the boss's friends came in and needed
> to change some racing tires for his stock car.  It wouldn't fit the tire
> changer, so they did it by hand.  A couple of rubber mallets, and a
> couple of tire irons, some pounding and prying, and the racing tire was
> off the rim.  Some more work, and the new tire was mounted.  It took
> about as long as it would have taken on the machine (a lot more sweat
> however).
> Machine?  Machine?  We don't need no stinking machine...
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