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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:08:33 -0400
I've always had good luck with Loctite products:

Also, take a look at:


> I'm attaching some light metal pieces to 
> thick leather. Afterwards the backside of the 
> leather will not be accessible. I'm using a brad 
> with a push nut. See here: 
> it is very small (1/16" shaft on the brad). After 
> installation, I clip the end of the brad as close to 
> the Push Nut as possible so that the leather will 
> be near flat when finished. 
> Before closing the backside I'm thinking, for extra 
> security, to add some sort of adhesive. I have 
> hundreds of these to do, so I'm also looking to 
> keeping it simple. 
> My question is: what type of adhesive would best 
> assure no movement of the Push Nut. I cannot afford to 
> have it come loose. What I'm effectively trying to 
> do is lock the Push Nut on the shaft of the brad. 
> Any suggestions? 
> Steve Hammatt 
> Mount Vernon WA USA 
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