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RE: An off-topic question....

To: 'Spridget' <>
Subject: RE: An off-topic question....
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 18:05:26 -0800
> sound is digitally represented in a way that requires a fixed
> amount of data per second.  I.e. 64 or 128kbits/sec.  When playing
> the data must be consumed at a fixed rate that depends on the rate
> it was encoded at.

Only true if no compression is applied.  Compression is pretty common, because
of the huge amount of data involved.

> Maybe an intermediate node goes down and there's a delay
> while switching, or some extra traffic clogs part of the path that your
> packets are using.

Or maybe there's a marginal/noisy hop somewhere that is losing packets.

One other thing that might be worth trying, if you have a hardware firewall or
external switch/bridge/router at your end, is to substitute or temporarily
eliminate it and see if the problem changes.  I had a home-grade switch that
dropped packets like crazy (when it wasn't locked up completely) ... replacing
it did wonders for my effective bandwidth.


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