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Re: lawnmower repair

Subject: Re: lawnmower repair
From: Battmain <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 01:24:27 -0400
On 8/28/06, <> wrote:
> lawnmower having issues.  does not like to idle.  will rev up and down then
> spontaneously die.  playing with a thingy (tm) on the carb makes it not die.  
> thingy(tm), if I had to guess, seems to control what would be the slide, were 
>it on
> a carb on one of my bikes.  it seems to be spring-loaded, and if I hold it 
>back, the
> engine will rev.  throttle pinned the whole time, fwiw.

That's the governor that is spring loaded. It is attached somehow to
the throttle lever, which is the slide part. Examine it carefully and
ensure the throttle is properly linked with the governor. They both
interact. I bent the linkage on mine when the throttle got caught on
some bushes and it behaved the exact same way. Once I figured out how
the throttle linked to the governor, all was well.


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