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lawnmower repair

Subject: lawnmower repair
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 03:12:36 +0000
lawnmower having issues.  does not like to idle.  will rev up and down then 
spontaneously die.  playing with a thingy (tm) on the carb makes it not die.  
the thingy(tm), if I had to guess, seems to control what would be the slide, 
were it on a carb on one of my bikes.  it seems to be spring-loaded, and if I 
hold it back, the engine will rev.  throttle pinned the whole time, fwiw.

can these things possibly be cv carbs?

this is a tecumseh flat-head, and it's four hours old (to me--the old one 
splatted this weekend right after I asked about the light fixture.  this one 
was close and cheap, and a nice mower except for that pesky not-running issue.) 
 sears craftsman 6.5 horse, if it means anything.

help me out here--valve job on a desmo ducati: no problem.  old leaf-blower: 
stumped.  cam chain tensioner, cbr 600: cake.  craftsman lawnmower: stymied.  I 
so want to join the ranks of those to whom these things come easy, and I've 
watched the mouth-breather here fix these things with an adjustable wrench, a 
flat-blade screwdriver and a can of wd-40.  how hard can it be?

somebody take a guess--there's only six moving parts on the thing, eventually 
you'll get it.  I'm just terrified because last time I want through this (I'd 
just ported and rebuilt an rz350 bad could briggs do me?) I ended 
up having to drag said briggs to the local mower shop and pay $120 to watch the 
mouth-breather assemble it in 5 minutes.  with an cardboard-and-aluminum-foil 
head-gasket, I think.  I can't go back.


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