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Re: Shop expansion - general plan, concrete?? Looooong post

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Subject: Re: Shop expansion - general plan, concrete?? Looooong post
From: "Wayne Farrington" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 10:05:30 -0700
True I can open up the wall, but I need to do this in two stages. Stage 
one is pour the concrete pad, and put up the roof. This will simply be a 
lean-to for storing firewood and other outdoor stuff that I want to keep 

Stage two (in a year or so) is to wall in that wood shed, make a hole in 
the existing shop wall and create a room out of the wood shed.

So I have to figure out how to butt the new concrete pad up to the 
existing shop floor/wall. The existing shop floor has the 2x4 form-board 
(if that is correct term) around the perimeter of the concrete floor and 
then the metal siding extends about 1/2 way down that board. Like in 
this picture:

I'd hate to have to take all that siding off at stage one to butt the 
new pad up with old pad, then put it back on so I can mount the trusses, 
then cut it out again when I go to open up the wall. But if I just put a 
another form board against the siding as it is and poor the new pad, 
when I make the hole in the wall there will be a gapousus between the 
two pads.

That might not be bad if I could cut both 2x4's form-boards out of the 
gap (and the piece of siding) leaving the gap at about 3.5- 4" then fill 
that gap with concrete so that I could roll equipment through the 
opening into the new room. Or even just leave the 2x4 form-boards there, 
which after pulling the siding out there would be about a 1" gap that 
would need filling. However, I don't know how well the old "fill the gap 
with concrete" trick really works though?

The only other thing I could try is to cut along the bottom of that 
siding to fully expose the existing form board on the current floor. 
Then poor right up against that existing form board with the new slab. 
However, cutting that corrugated siding can be a real pia, particularly 
since I cannot go too deep with the cut otherwise I'll cut into the 
framing in the wall.



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> Wayne,
> Thanks for the email, it makes things clearer.
> One thing about walls, they have TWO sides! Even though one side is 
> drywalled, the other side is metal that is held on by screws. If you 
> open up this side of the wall and reroute the electrics out of the way 
> of the open you want to cut, things should be easier.

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