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Re: Shop expansion - general plan, concrete?? Looooong post

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Subject: Re: Shop expansion - general plan, concrete?? Looooong post
From: "Wayne Farrington" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 10:28:55 -0700
Thanks for the reply, Pat.

I guess technically I'm scabbing another room onto the back of building. 
What I would like to do (after the roof and walls are up on the 
expansion) is blow a 10' wide by 8' tall hole in this wall just to the 
right of the mandoor. That would connect the two rooms and allow free 
passage between them. I'm anticipating the lathe/milling machine etc 
would go in this new room.

The problem with this grand plan is the amount of work required to deal 
with the boatload of wiring that is in the wall (which is now insulated, 
sheetrocked, and finished) where the opening would be. The only other 
way I can figure to grant internal passage through the two spaces is to 
make the new room include the space where that current mandoor is. Then 
remove that current door and move it to the side of the new room (now 
when you enter the shop you would be entering the new room from the 
outside). Unfortunately I can't extend the new pad out the full 16' in 
front of the door because of the septic tank (have to stay 5' away), I 
can go perhaps 8-10'. This would mean to get from the main room into the 
new room I'd have to walk through that existing door opening (no door on 
it) make a hard right and into the new room. This may make moving 
machinery and such into that new room and interesting proposition.


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> Wayne,
> From your posting it isn't clear to me whether you are adding a room, 
> or trying to expand the room you have now, I think you are wanting 
> another room.

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