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Re: I need to make a deadman

To: "Skip Albright" <>, <>
Subject: Re: I need to make a deadman
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 20:36:32 -0600
Forgot to mention...

They come in different sizes - one made of 1/2" rod and about 3 feet long
should be fine for what you're doing.  And you may want to angle it into the
ground, as it will tend to bend in the direction you're pulling.  If you put
it in pre-angled, there's less tendency to bend further.  Look at the guy
wires on a utility pole and you'll get the idea.


> How about a ground anchor ?  It's what we use to tie down planes, and what
> utilities use for anchors for the cables that stabilize power poles.
> Homey, etc. sell them - a long steel rod with an eye on the top and a disk
> bent into a helical shape to serve as an auger, welded near the botton.
> Just screw it into the ground.  And hope the soil isn't too rocky - I just
> removed one today, that I had to dig in most of the way 5 years ago when I
> installed it, because of a few huge rocks under ground.

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