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RE: Another fuel saving idea...

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Subject: RE: Another fuel saving idea...
From: "Mike Frerichs" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:39:11 -0600

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My inclination is to say that fuel stored in the ground (where most
stations, if not all, store their fuel) will always be at the same temp
through the hours of the day, seeing maybe a few degrees difference from
season to season.

Mike Frerichs

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Just reading an Advance Auto Parts advertisement.  There is a heading 
"Advance Know-How, Creative ways to get ready in Advance and save 
gas!"  It says, "Buy gasoline during the coolest time of the day-- 
early morning or late evening is best.  During these times gasoline 
is densest."  Anybody think that will "save" any more gas than a 
tornado thing?  :-)

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