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Re: home standby generator

To: Paul Parkanzky <>
Subject: Re: home standby generator
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 21:28:55 -0700
On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 10:41:29PM -0400, Paul Parkanzky wrote:
> My father-in-law manages industrial construction.  He has dealt with  
> several BIG generator installations, including a couple of hospital  
> jobs.
> They live in a pretty rural place.  When the time came for them to  
> put in a generator he settled on one that ran off the PTO of his  
> tractor.  It's not automatic, but it's a lot cheaper kW for kW, and  
> you don't have to maintain the motor on the generator.  A sensible  
> option if you happen to have a tractor that will run one.

I thought about that but my wife's not going to try to take the
brush hog off the tractor and wrestle the generator on it at 10pm in
the rain.  She'll at least make the attempt to pull-start the generator

The nice permanant backup units have dropped way far in price
since I got my 6kw Honda portable.  If I were doing it now I'd
spend the extra on a nice installation and auto failover.

It really depends on what your power outages are like.


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