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Re: rim rusted on utility trailer

To: Rich White <>
Subject: Re: rim rusted on utility trailer
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:54:19 -0400
Rich White wrote:

> List,
> I have been trying to remove the wheels from my two wheeled utility 
> trailer.
> The only one I have tried is rusted on.
> It is a home made trailer which I understand was built using the front 
> hubs from a '57 chevy
> station wagon.  I have tried heat and WD-40 without success.  I have 
> also tried moving it
> a short distance with the lug nuts loose.
> The only thing else I can think of is to dissemble the hub so that I 
> can use a big hammer.
> I was considering taking the tire off the rim, putting blocks under 
> the rim and using a block
> of wood to protect the center of the hub while I beat on it.
> Any other ideas?

Had the same problem on a Windstar.  I used a come-along to pull it 
off.  The  wheel has holes which I looped chain through.  A word of 
caution, the wheel popped off so stand back.  I also relied on a trolley 
jack instead of jack stands just in case the three other tires lost 
traction.  The van is heavy, you might have to anchor the trailer. After 
I removed the rust with a wire wheel and coated the hub and wheel with 

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