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RE: rim rusted on utility trailer

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Subject: RE: rim rusted on utility trailer
From: "Gordie's Garage" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 18:23:11 -0400
I'll second the Kroil.  Best I've ever used, but a pain to get, you have to 
phone or fax order to kano, only place you can get it.
A close second is a GM penetrant believe it or not, part #1052627, if you can 
still get it.

Safety Fast! 

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA

> >  I have tried heat and WD-40 without success. 
> WD-40 really doesn't do very well for "cutting rust".  The best 
> stuff I've ever found is Kroil <>.  I've tried 
> all the regular stuff (liquid wrench, PB Blaster, etc.) and 
> nothing compares.  I had some hubs I was trying to disassemble, 
> and they were rusted solid.  I applied some Kroil, went into the 
> house for lunch, and when I came back out, the parts pretty much 
> fell apart.  Your results will vary, but I'd give it a try...
> Tim Mullen

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