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Re: Chain Saw Recommendations

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Subject: Re: Chain Saw Recommendations
From: "Nolan Penney" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 06:51:17 -0500
If I'm reading your message right, you've not no experience with chain
saws, have never cut down a tree, and just want to do this one tree in
your yard.  

The best chain saw in that case is located in the yellow pages, under
tree removal or landscaping.  

I'm no expert, but I've felled trees before, harvested firewood, and
the like.  I've never had a tree fall shorter than I expected.  They
almost always fall further actually.  They almost never fall the way you
expect.  Even leaning way over, they twist interestingly.  What looks
like just a little ways up from the ground is wildly high while holding
onto a running chainsaw standing on a ladder.  You're almost guaranteed
as a novice to bind your saw in the tree, and you're *not* going to get
it out then with the weight of the tree leaning on it.   So then you've
got to buy a second saw to get the first saw out.  Don't laugh to hard,
I've done it, and more than once.  

Without at least several hours of supervised practice on the ground
sawing up logs I would never recommend going up to a tree with a saw to
cut it down.  Let alone up into a tree with a saw to remove limbs.
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