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Re: Chain Saw Recommendations

Subject: Re: Chain Saw Recommendations
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:43:32 +1200
On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:56:56 -0500, you wrote:

>Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent chain saw that is capable
>of downing a good sized tree?
>The tree is in my front yard, overhanging the driveway.  I had a look at it
>today and quite a few of the larger upper branches are split and rotting,
>not to mention that the roots of this tree are destroying my driveway.  I
>rather like the tree, but it has to come down simply because I would rather
>remove it myself than have mother nature decide that it should fall right on
>one of my cars this summer.
>Most of the tree limbs, excluding the main trunk, are 8-10 inches in
>diameter.  Can I get through this project with a 16" or 18" gas chain saw,
>or is something bigger called for?  I figure I can always make two or more
>cuts to get through the trunk.
>Any particular brands to go with or stay away from?  It just has to get me
>through this tree and it probably will see only limited use then for the
>upcoming years.  In the past I have managed to trim my tree with a
>reciprocating saw, so I really have no need for a chain saw other than this
>particular instance.
>Thanks All!

I like my Stihl. Having said that, for a one off, you may be better
off hiring a saw for a day. Around here, a rule of thumb is that if
you need it for more than 8-10 days (over a period of years) then you
should have bought it.
16" saw will be fine for that. How tall is this tree? Working from a
ladder with a chainsaw, esp a big one is a hairy proposition. I would
use a 14" saw up the ladder if possible, smaller and lighter the
 The other thing is to get some ropes and friends (and maybe a car).
Tie rope around the end of the branch so you can get someone to pull
it away from you as you cut it, so it doesn't catch the saw, land on
you or someone else.

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