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Re: Ok, the bearing problem is solved ...

To: Arvid Jedlicka <>
Subject: Re: Ok, the bearing problem is solved ...
From: James Juhas <>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 14:06:37 -0500
I also have purchased stuff from Enco with good results.  I bought a set 
of six micrometers to go up to 6 inches for engine work.  When I had 
measurements done by the machine shop on my Ford 5.0L rebuild for my 
Cobra, my measurements were within a tenth, and this was way within the 
allowable tolerances on the engine.  I think the differences come more 
from technique than the tool.

At Hershey last year, I bought a dial bore gauge mostly for the purpose 
of checking bore taper.  Since it's relative measurements rather than 
absolutes, its Chinese heritage doesen't seem to matter.  I upgraded it 
at home with a better dial indicator so I improved it a little.  I 
notice that the uprated versions simply give a better indicator.

Arvid Jedlicka wrote:

>I found a local distributor of Timken bearings and bought the
>items I needed for my Asian 3-in-1 rebuild.
>So now I'm on to measurement tools. I'm looking for a caliper,
>a 1 inch micrometer and a dial indicator. There are huge price
>differences and I [again] have no idea what brand names would
>be the most reasonable in terms of a long term tool investment.
>I'm sure that "you get what you pay for", but there is also the
>"as a home user, quality above X level is not a wise investment"
>which I would also like to apply.
>Some of the names in the catalogs and on the internet are:
>brown & sharpe
>Suggestions and experiences for both brand names and vendors
>would appreciated.

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