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Re: welders MIG vs. TIG

To: Mike Rambour <>
Subject: Re: welders MIG vs. TIG
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 22:38:55 -0500

I have a Lincoln SP100 Mig, several torches (including the Henrob, a micro
torch, and a very old Smith sheet metal torch), a Lincoln 225A ac/dc stick
welder, and a HTP Inverta Tig 200.   I use the Mig the most these days, with the
torches a close second.  The tig is a relatively new process for me, and I got
it because of the control it offers.  The mig, although best suited to most of
my projects, has always frustrated me because it goes too fast.  For delicate
work, I thought the tig would work nicely.  I need more practice with it, but
for making small parts I can put on a welding table, I love it.  There are lots
of bells and whistles with this model.

If I was to depend on just one arc welder, it would be a mig.  Sheetmetal, down
to 22 ga., is achievable without burn through and warpage if you avoid too much
heat build up.  Short bursts and "connect the dots" technique is an effective
way to butt weld body panels, and it gets even safer if you take your time and
cool the panels between bursts.  Heat is cumulative.  If it doesn't dissipate,
the end of your weld will be hotter than the beginning.  Air from a blow gun or
a wet rag can cool down a piece before the next burst.

The same techniques can help with tig.  Tig will impart more heat into the part
because it is inherently slower.  But pulsers (actually increasing and
decreasing the arc at a preset frequency) help too.

Mike Rambour wrote:

>     Looking for opinions, if you have a
> welder, which one and do you want the other ? if you were looking for one,
> why one over the other ? (assuming costs were the same which in this case
> they are not).

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