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Re: Powder Coating Question

To: Nolan Penney <>,
Subject: Re: Powder Coating Question
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 06:40:20 -0600

to cure powder coating you need a sustained temp of 400 degrees...  I doubt
that you could get that with a heat gun over a large area and the powder
would not melt down and flow properly... and I'm sure the base metal has to
attain that temp for the bonding process to work properly.  The only way I
can see to do a frame is taking it to a pro... with a large oven.  A local
commercial sandblast/coater will do a frame blasted and coated for about
300 bucks...  I doubt you could get set up with HF gun and materials for
much less than that.

I looked at it real hard but the condition of my 50 year old frame (
pitting) needs some body work and you have to have a sandblast clean
surface for the p.c. to work... so I'm going with urethane over my body
filler repairs...  I've had him do a porch glider and chair and they came
out really really nice...  cost 175 but basically because I tore it
completely apart and it was in 38 pieces... more trouble to handle for them
but I wanted a complete coat without the rust lingering in the

Call around to commercial painting/coaters and see what is available...
you might be surprised..


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