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Re: lawn tractors

To: "Madurski, Ronald M." <>
Subject: Re: lawn tractors
From: Derek Harling <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 10:11:24 -0400
That's exactly the sort of terrain I am using it on  - 5 years and counting.

Madurski, Ronald M. wrote:

>>Well - I wasn't going to bother replying  - but I think we do need to 
>>face reality every so often.  New house 5 years ago - never 
>>had need for 
>>lawn tractor before so didn't know much about them - bought 
>>Sears with 
>>Briggs 15.5hp - worked perfectly ever since - belts stay on - never 
>>failed to start - doesn't leak oil - and the bit that really 
>>amazes me - 
>>never needs charging even over winter ( I start it about once a month 
>>for 15 minutes) and still on original battery. Stays in 
>>wooden shed all 
>>summer and storage unit all winter (unheated).
>>So - er - why should I spend twice as much?
>You shouldn't.  But, if I tried to use one of those to mow my 3 acres of
>hilly, bumpy, rocky, and swampy land it wouldn't last 6 months.  There are
>several spots in my lawn where if I don't get the approach just right I end
>up on 2 wheels (RF-LR or vice-versa).  Sometimes my momentum will carry me,
>sometimes I need to push :-)   I guess I could use the push mower to do
>those sections, but that would be too much like work and not as fun...
>There's also those hillsides where I have to sit on the edge of the fender
>to keep from falling off the tractor.  Those flimsy sheet metal fenders
>wouldn't hold me up for very long.
>I am thinking about getting another rider so my wife can use it and it will
>be a "cheaper" model since she doesn't like having to push or ride on the
>fenders :-)
>Ron Madurski

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