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Re: Speaking of codes...

To: Derek Harling <>,
Subject: Re: Speaking of codes...
From: Brian C Kennedy <>
Date: 23 Sep 00 10:02:44 +0000
         Reply to:   Re: Speaking of codes...
I often worked from home and connected to my work computer over the phone
line. Every couple of weeks the work computer would hang up and I had a
separate phone line in the office connected to an X10 box to reboot. It
turned out that the X10 box was less reliable than the computer. It was
usually hung up and needed rebooting itself. I also found the manual (a
little pamphlet) confusing and when I called, no one could explain the
operation to me. It sounds to me like Inch is having good luck in a home
environment, but I'd suggest you follow Derek's advice and make sure you
have a good manual system to fall back on.


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