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Re: Speaking of codes...

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Subject: Re: Speaking of codes...
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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 10:53:06 -0700
Just wanted to inject a thought her.  My experience with the X-10 system
results in the following observations:

X-10 units are noisy.  If you are using them in the house and you have
sensitive hearing they can be an annoyance.  However, I see no problem in a
garage environment.  Also, just a note, If you are putting any electric
motors on an X-10 unit, (including receptacles that you may plug an electric
drill, sander, or other tool), the standard X-10 module won't last.  I have
no experience with the modules designed for motor circuits, but I know they
are quite expensive.  Just my thoughts.  Hop it helps.


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> X-10 is a nice solution for remoting lights and such. I use it throughout
> house for a variety of applications. Had not moved it into the garage yet,
> it's a great idea.
> Not only can you controll it from the phone, but from the computer as
well. The
> outside lights at my house are turned on/off based on TOD and the TOY (to
> out how dark it is....) And I can turn it all on/off over the net as well.
> (always good for annoying the spouse in the middle of the night when you
are far
> away)
> Bob

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