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Re: Speaking of codes...

Subject: Re: Speaking of codes...
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 13:28:14 -0400
x10 sure is great.  I moved to PA almost 2 years ago and have started 
x10'ing the house.  Having a remote control for the lights has been very 

Couple tips about buying from (and in general)....

Buy something from them and you get an email every day with their daily 
"you must act now" specials.  Don't act now, the specials get better and 
are almost always honored after they expire.
Goto and buy the "firecracker" package as many times as you 
can.  It's the best deal going.  I ordered it in my name at my new address, 
wife's name at our old address, in-laws at their house, etc...  The package 
is free + shipping/handling and you get a transceiver (really only need one 
of them) a couple lamp modules and a remote control.  I now have remote 
controls for all floors, basement and garage.
Also, get the RCA close-out sale package.  It's $50 but includes a dozen 
pieces.  2 of which are keychain remotes - Deb & I use those to turn on the 
garage lights so we don't have to turn on all lights when we leave in the 
middle of the day and won't be home until night.
The video cameras do work but wait for a sale, they go on sale every couple 
x10 also has a "voucher" system where they'll give you an increasing value 
voucher when you spend more money.  They also have a special every couple 
months that gives you $40 to start out with.
If you just miss a special (before or after), call the 800# and you should 
be able to convince the rep to give you the discount.

Inch: What's the product that learns your usage?  I haven't seen that one....

At 10:24 9/22/2000, was inspired to say:

>Sorry, I forgot that X-10 isn't that popular yet.
>First off, a great place to start is  If you live near a
>Radio Shack, they carry it as well.
>x10 is a standard transceiver language that works on existing AC wires in
>your home.  It allows you to control any outlet or fixture from any other
>point in the home.  It basically is a "home automation" solution without
>the need to rewire the whole house.


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