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RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves

Subject: RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 15:08:29 -0400

Well, I plan on it.  Right now, I'm waiting for my T1 line to the new place
(I'm in East BF and it takes forever)  Once I have that, I'll bring my
webserver back on-line ( (which also has lots of archives from
this list))  then I'll post pictures.

There are some problems with the shop.  The prior owner used to run a
roofing business out of it and the space is "cut up" with lots of poorly
thought out walls and shelves.  Half of the space is heated and air
conditioned. I want to make the whole shop like that.  Also, I have to beef
up the doors (and make the entrances bigger, hence my other post about
knocking down the concrete lip (which the air hammer works GREAT on,

I also plan on holding "classes" there next summer for local area DIY'ers.
(of course I'll invite anyone on this list that wants to go.)  I've located
a guy that is a top notch welder and mechanic.  I've got another guy that
is a wiz with electrical.  Both will do it out of love for the craft!  The
format is going to be find a person with a project like "my MG needs a new
dash."  Then, that person will get all the parts and we'll set a date to do
it.  Everyone comes over for beer and pizza.  Those that know what they are
doing, help teach the newbies. This is the only "real" way to transfer
knowledge like this.  It works out great.

I've been having them with local area motorcyclist for about 2 summers now
at my old place (some of those guys are on this list) and it goes well.  It
is also where I came up with the Oxy- Acetylene BBQ. 8>)

Inch (who loves the new "Dot-Com Era!")

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