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RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves

Subject: RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:58:40 -0500
Were are you?

Mark V.S. in Austin, TX

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> Subject:      RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves
> Well, I plan on it.  Right now, I'm waiting for my T1 line to the new
> place
> (I'm in East BF and it takes forever)  Once I have that, I'll bring my
> webserver back on-line ( (which also has lots of archives from
> this list))  then I'll post pictures.
> There are some problems with the shop.  The prior owner used to run a
> roofing business out of it and the space is "cut up" with lots of poorly
> thought out walls and shelves.  Half of the space is heated and air
> conditioned. I want to make the whole shop like that.  Also, I have to
> beef
> up the doors (and make the entrances bigger, hence my other post about
> knocking down the concrete lip (which the air hammer works GREAT on,
> thanks!)
> I also plan on holding "classes" there next summer for local area DIY'ers.
> (of course I'll invite anyone on this list that wants to go.)  I've
> located
> a guy that is a top notch welder and mechanic.  I've got another guy that
> is a wiz with electrical.  Both will do it out of love for the craft!  The
> format is going to be find a person with a project like "my MG needs a new
> dash."  Then, that person will get all the parts and we'll set a date to
> do
> it.  Everyone comes over for beer and pizza.  Those that know what they
> are
> doing, help teach the newbies. This is the only "real" way to transfer
> knowledge like this.  It works out great.
> I've been having them with local area motorcyclist for about 2 summers now
> at my old place (some of those guys are on this list) and it goes well.
> It
> is also where I came up with the Oxy- Acetylene BBQ. 8>)
> Inch (who loves the new "Dot-Com Era!")
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> 09/15/00
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> Subject: RE: 4000sq ft shop, was Fancy mechanic's gloves
> "Inch" said he couldn't be happier with his new place and the 4000 sq.
> foot
> shop on the property
> Inch-
> How about some photos of your shop. Sounds like the ultimate shop to most
> of us.
> Mark V.S. in Austin, TX (who dreams and plan for a 4000sq. ft. shop)

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