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Electric motor fault

Subject: Electric motor fault
From: Paul Humphries <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:04:29 +0100
I am rebuilding a 1940's MYFORD ML4 lathe which only needs a general
clean-up and repainting.
I have started on the countershaft assembly and today have tried to get
the electric motor to work. At first it turned over very slowly then,
after switching the power off & on several times it burst into full
speed without hessitation. It was allowed to run for ten minutes or so
and the next couple of trys it started at full speed straight away. It
now will only turn over at slow speed and the motor casing is getting
warm. It has a large capacitor on the casing which I assume is needed
for starting - could this be the faulty item ? Would the slow running be
a symptom of a duff capacitor ? Any help or advise would be appreciated
as I would like to keep the 1940's motor which, when running at full
speed, is very quite and smooth.


Paul Humphries,

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