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Re: Electric motor fault

To: Paul Humphries <>
Subject: Re: Electric motor fault
From: renaud <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 22:04:30 -0400
Hi, Paul, Not sure if this is relevent but I had a problem with
an air compressor that got harder and harder to start.  To make
a long story short it turned out that my acrylic laquer spray
painting in the garage over the years had built up a coating on the
contact areas.  I could bump start it but the capacitor wouldn't
kick it over.  About this time the garage door opener switch wouldn't
work all the time either.  I cleaned the g.d.switch and it worked fine.
Regards, Jack

Paul Humphries wrote:

> I am rebuilding a 1940's MYFORD ML4 lathe which only needs a general
> clean-up and repainting.
> I have started on the countershaft assembly and today have tried to get
> the electric motor to work. At first it turned over very slowly then,
> after switching the power off & on several times it burst into full
> speed without hessitation. It was allowed to run for ten minutes or so
> and the next couple of trys it started at full speed straight away. It
> now will only turn over at slow speed and the motor casing is getting
> warm. It has a large capacitor on the casing which I assume is needed
> for starting - could this be the faulty item ? Would the slow running be
> a symptom of a duff capacitor ? Any help or advise would be appreciated
> as I would like to keep the 1940's motor which, when running at full
> speed, is very quite and smooth.
> Thanks.
> Paul Humphries,
> Stoke-on-trent,
> Staffs.,
> UK.

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