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Re: Design software

Subject: Re: Design software
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:13:47 -0700
That is a good question!  I've been thinking about building new kitchen
cabinets myself.  I have no experience with any programs, but a search
on turns up a bunch of stuff.  Here is one that looks

Hopefully someone out there may know something about this application
area. wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendations for design software for home
> construction projects?
> I'm looking for software that I can design cabinets, hutches, desks, etc on
> the computer.
> Then, once designed, it can generate material lists and detailed plans.
> Am I asking for to much?  I have home construction software that does this
> down to how many pounds of nails I'll need for home construction projects..
> I also have decking software that does this same thing.
> But neither of these can handle a desk or some like that.
> Or, am I missing something and there is an easier way to make plans?  I
> normally waste WAY to much time making plans only to have them change
> completely during construction because of something I didn't think of.
> Thanks.
> Inch

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