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RE: got a Harbor Freight catalog? please help!

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Subject: RE: got a Harbor Freight catalog? please help!
From: "Larry Hoy" <larryhoy@Prodigy.Net>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:09:45 -0600
In addition to John's suggestion, if you have a Harbor Freight store nearby
they will honor the lowest catalog price.

You can check their web site too:

Larry Hoy

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> Chill!  Call the Harbor Freight 'Customer Service' number (or whatever it
> is that they call it).  The number is listed in the fine print on the 'how
> to order' page of every HF catalog.
> Call that number with the part numbers of everything you are interested
> in.  They will give you the suffix for those part numbers that corresponds
> to the lowest price HF has ever offered for that item (maybe only a year
> back, actually).  Use these suffixes when you order (you must order on the
> separate phone number).
> This is the way to deal with the fact that every HF catalog has some
> prices that go up, and others that go down.  You don't have to cross-index
> every catalog, and you needn't panic if you lose the catalog with the
> lowest price for whatever you wanted.
> John

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