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Re: got a Harbor Freight catalog? please help!

To: Erik Quackenbush <>
Subject: Re: got a Harbor Freight catalog? please help!
From: John Napoli <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 17:33:12 -0400 (EDT)
Chill!  Call the Harbor Freight 'Customer Service' number (or whatever it
is that they call it).  The number is listed in the fine print on the 'how
to order' page of every HF catalog.

Call that number with the part numbers of everything you are interested
in.  They will give you the suffix for those part numbers that corresponds
to the lowest price HF has ever offered for that item (maybe only a year
back, actually).  Use these suffixes when you order (you must order on the
separate phone number).

This is the way to deal with the fact that every HF catalog has some
prices that go up, and others that go down.  You don't have to cross-index
every catalog, and you needn't panic if you lose the catalog with the
lowest price for whatever you wanted.


On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Erik Quackenbush wrote:

> Last week I received a flyer from Harbor Freight that was mostly 50% off
> clearance items. Alas, someone threw it out... In any case, I'm pretty sure
> they had an inexpensive slip roll machine in there on clearance. If you
> still have this flyer and you see the slip roll machine in there, PLEASE
> email me the price and the exact part number so I can order one. 
> Thank you!
> -Erik
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> Erik Quackenbush, V.P. Operations, Midwest Filter Corporation 
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