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Re: fuel injection cleaning kit

Subject: Re: fuel injection cleaning kit
From: (Thomas Walter)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 97 13:27:42 CST
>Reply-To: mbarre@JUNO.COM (Matt Barre)

>I am thinking about buying or making a fuel injector cleaning kit of the
>type that you run the car off of a pressurized can of cleaner/fuel.  I
>think 3M makes the cleaner cans.  I want the capability to work with
>various cars as I have Ford, Chevy, and some imports.  Does anyone know
>of a source or parts list for such a contraption?

Niederhoff (??) made the kit I have. While there are all sort of
adapters in there, admitted all you need are a few for your
own & a few neighbors use (& limited makes of vehicles)

Doesn't work for a SU carb. ;-) ;-) ;-)

>It seems it would take a suitable pressure gauge, regulator, some hose,
>and various fittings/adaptors.

Yes.  The fitting on the can (which I buy at NAPA) is unique. 

Mainly the pressure can supplies the fuel injector rail. Pressure
adjustment is to match the vehicles requirement.  Return fuel line
is blocked off (to prevent cleaner from running back into the tank,
hence the seperate pressure regulator).

For the older efi Datsun/Nissan... adapters are only rubber hoses
(high pressure fuel injection hose is fine)...  

Disable the electric fuel pump!!!

>My NAPA catalog has a kit but it seems inordinately expensive because I
>think it also has some other functions I don't need.

True!  For us home hobbist with a metal lathe, it is pretty simple
to make up something like this.   For some adapters a trip to the
wrecking yard, to get the special threaded connections... and you
could make up a simple adapters.

It was one of the rare times I actually bought something useful
at a auction. Still haven't used it... but loaned it to some good 
neighbors (When I moved into our new house, about six neighbors 
showed up to help place the 6 pallets of sod... ;-) 


Tom Walter
Austin, TX.

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