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Re[2]: Micrometer responses

Subject: Re[2]: Micrometer responses
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 07:25:02 EST
     When I said "bore gauge," I did not mean "snap gauge" or "T-gauges."  
     I would love to have the type with the dial gauge.  This measures 
     out-of-round.  But to get a "quality" gauge of this type that measures 
     in "tenths" of thousandths is about $350.
     BTW, the 2-3" Mitutoyo I purchased measures "tenths" of thousandths.   
     A very high quality tool.  I used these extensively as an         
     engineer over a "bank" of CNC machine centers.
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     Subject: Re: Micrometer responses
     Author: at smtp
     Date:    12/16/96 05:23 PM
     There is actually a guage built for measuring just this sort of thing. 
     looks like a dial guage mounted on a sled. You slide it into the bore 
     and can 
     rotate it about the cylinder axis to determine out-of-round and slide 
     it up/down 
to measure the taper. Very cool.
Michael Sloane wrote:
> Absolutely! In fact, if it is cylinder bores you are talking about, bore 
> shape is even more important than diameter. Internal combustion engines 
> tend to wear more side-to-side than front-to-back, due to lateral forces
> imposed in the normal functioning of the Otto/Diesel cycle. One of the neat 
> features of the old Triumphs (and many old tractors, to which Triumph owes 
> some of its heritage) is the fact that you can turn the cylinder liners 90 
> degrees and get even more life from them. I don't know if anyone bothers to 
> do that kind of thing anymore, but that is what we used to do with them
> back in the '50s and early '60s. Any other kind of gauge except a "T" gauge 
> will not give you as accurate picture of the shape of the cylinder. Also
> remember that you must measure not only the center of the cylinder but the 
> top and botton.
> Mike Sloane ( 
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> > From: Phil Ethier <> 
> > To: Michael Sloane <>
> > Cc: John Loftin <>;
>; Jack I Brooks <jibrooks@JUNO.COM> 
> > Subject: Re: Micrometer responses
> > Date: Monday, December 16, 1996 4:08 PM 
> >
> > On Monday, 16 Dec 1996, Michael Sloane wrote: 
> >
> > > I bought a set of bore gauges (the kind that are spring-loaded 
> telescoping
> > > rods with locks for checking cylinder bores) from Harbour Freight for 
> about
> > > $25. They seem to work fine for the handful of times/year that I need 
> to
> > > check cylinder bores.
> >
> > T-gauges are neat, and a whole lot more accurate than one might think, 
> > but they can be fooled.  They only measure at two points, and you can 
> > miss an out-of round condition.
> >
> > Phil

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