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Re: Micrometer responses

To:, jibrooks@JUNO.COM (Jack I Brooks)
Subject: Re: Micrometer responses
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96 09:35:25 EST
     Beware of having the machine shop "mike" your crank unless you trust 
     their work.  I moved to a new city, did not know of any good shops, 
     and had a crank "miked" at the local machine shop.  They said the 
     crank needed to be turned.  I broke down and purchased my own 
     micrometer.  The crank checked standard.  I guess the shop needed the 
     As far as cost, I purchased a 2-3" Mitutoyo micrometer for $80 from 
     "Travers."  High quality for a reasonable price.  Now if I could only 
     justify a bore gauge......

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Subject: Micrometer responses
Author:  jibrooks@JUNO.COM (Jack I Brooks) at smtp
Date:    12/15/96 11:56 PM

Thanks to everyone for their input on micrometers.  It appears that I was 
looking in all the wrong places.  My usage will hopefully be a one shot 
deal so I will be checking harbor freight, whitney and all the other 
recommended sites.  I may even take up the offer from one respondent for 
a loaner.  
I also found out the traffic on shop-talk is significantly lighter than 
triumphs so I put in a subscription request to join this list tonight.
Thanks again.
Jack Brooks
Hillsdale, New Jersey

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