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Re: tapered reamers.

Subject: Re: tapered reamers.
From: (Thomas Walter)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 07:28:27 CST
>I am on a quest to find a manufacturer to build me a hundre tapered reamers
>that have a max. diameter of 3/8ths of an inch with a 5 dgree taper. Any
>advice is well apreciated. Also does any one have experience with a rusnok
>milling machine?? Thanks John


A good news group on metal questions is "rec.crafts.metalworking"
it has too much traffic from lots of people, but there is also
a FAQ (I need to look up the ftp location) that is excellent.

On your reamer:  A 5 degree taper is just about 1" in a foot (1/12).
For the maximum size of 3/8" tapered down at that rate, means
an overall length of around 4.5"   That is a COMMON size for a
hand reamer used by electricians, ect on electrical boxes.

Is the 5 degree a critial taper?  Locking pins are around a
1 degree taper,  Pipe taps (3/8 size pipe is NOT the same
as 3/8") are around 4 degrees.

As far as a Rusnok milling machine... no idea.  What is the
spindle like? (Thankfully my Index milling machine was converted
from B&S #9 to a much more common R-8 spindle prior to my purchase.
Easy to obtain tooling for something more common).

Sorry I do not have a better answer to your question. If you own
a metal lathe, with a taper attachment and a milling machine you 
could make your own. ;-)  Frank McLean (HSM writer) had a good
article on making your own reamers and counterbore.  


Tom Walter
Austin, TX.

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