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Re: Air compressors yet again.

Subject: Re: Air compressors yet again.
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 18:31:30 -0500
At 09:37 AM 11/20/96 -0800, wrote:
>Hi all,
> Home Depot is selling a Cambell Hausfeld portable air compressor 
> which looks like a pretty good deal to me and I was wondering what 
> other people thought.
> It's rated at 6.5 hp, has a 26 gal tank and puts out 10.1 scfm per 
> minute at 90 psi. The price is $377.


  I must agree with what everyone else has already said.  The bigger
the accumulator the better.  I have a 5hp 30gal tank and wish it was

  I will bring up one point that I haven't seen addressed in this
current barage on compressors.  What type of compressor is it? Is
it the oil type or the oil less type?

  I haven't been able to find out much about the differences between
the 2 types.  I was a Sears (where I purchased mine in 90 for $450).
There on the floor were 2 compressors - both 5 hp 30 gal tanks,
however, the oil less was over $100 cheaper.  I asked the sales man
what the difference was and no one in the store could really explain
it to me.  But from what I've been hearing lately, the oil type are
better and more expensive.


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