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Re: Air compressors yet again.

Subject: Re: Air compressors yet again.
From: Brian Kelley <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 13:05:21 EST
Drew Rogge writes:

> I've know that a lot of manufactures are being a bit creative when listing
> the hp rating so what I've been looking at to compare compressors if the
> scfm @ 90 psi.

That's exactly what you want to look at.  BTW, you can't make 6.5 HP
with 110 volts!

> I know I can get a larger tank if I go for an upright unit but I I want to
> stick with a portable unit.

I have a large Sears "portable".  It is very heavy and bulky and I
have a trouble lifting it.  I'd much rather carry a 302 block around.



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