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Re: Shop Presses

To: "Gorman, George" <>
Subject: Re: Shop Presses
From: "Jack L. Poller" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:17:30 -0800
Gorman, George wrote:
> Brian:
> but I found two problems.  (1) top frame is just two steel
> plates mounted on-edge.  I've bent them from being slightly off-center on
> occasion.  Look for press with an I-beam on top.  I made one of my own to
> replace the plates.  (2) Size the beast to fit what you plan to be pressing.
> Couldn't quite fit a Ford rear axle in to press off wheel bearings (axle was
> too long).  Could press new bearings on however, just due to geometry (it's a
> long story, but you get the picture).  

Same thing here, except the bottom was the issue.

Normally, when you press, the work piece rests on a heavy
duty steel platform.  The platform is supported by two
pegs that go through the main legs of the press, distributing
the force of the press downwards.

I sized my HF A-Frame press so I could press RX7 rear axle 
bearings (H-Frame was too small).  However, because the
axles are so long, they won't fit in the press with the
press-platform.  Therefore, I made my own platform
out of wood and metal.  However, this platform ended
up resting on the bottom cross-brace, and ended up
distributing the press force sideways, against the
legs, instead of downwards, towards the floor.

The outward force extered itself on 4 grade 2 bolts,
which promptly snapped.  Grade 8 replacements 
were sufficienct, however, when I have to do axle bearings
again, I'll make a custom jig so that the force
of the press is exerted down into the floor, instead of 

-- Jack

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