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Quality of Daytona MIG?

Subject: Quality of Daytona MIG?
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 09:37:15 -0700
Hi folks,

MIG welder purchases seem to be a re-current topic on this list.
I know I asked a few months ago, and was thankfully for the replies
(I'm very happy with my Lincoln SP125....).  A net-less friend is
also in the market for a welder, but is on a more limited budget.
He found a "Pocket MIG" welder from Daytona MIG that he is interested
in, and wanted to get some opinions about; I've never heard of the
brand, and was wondering if anyone here has.

The basic spec's of the machine is:
        115V, 15amp input
        110 amp output
        4 heat ranges, infinitely adjustable wire speed
        comes with:
                torch, 2 extra tips
                ground cable
                single gauge regulator
                2 lbs of wire
                20 cf argon/CO2 mix bottle, filled
                face shield
                face mask
The price was $423 for the package, $478.25 shipped to his door.  There's
a 1 year warranty on all internal parts, and 2 year warranty on the
transformer.  This unit is suppposed to have been available for the past
12 years now and has a .3% warranty rate (how'd he get that info from them???)

It looks pretty complete to me (other than gloves), and sounds like a good
deal.  Has anyone here had any experiences with the company and their products,
both good and negative?

Thanks in advance,
Mike (for Tim)

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