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Re: Maximat 7

Subject: Re: Maximat 7
From: (Bill Rabel)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 96 19:38:17 PDT
There had been a discussion of the Maximat-7 milling machine on this forum, and
I remember the Maximat/ Unimat/ Minimat machines from 30 years ago. I called a
local machine tool dealer I know, and fount the following current info:

Prazi Lathes and Milling Machines (Made in Germany)

Model                  CR5X12          PR-8020
                 The Basic Prazi  Power Feed, 
                                  X & Y Axis
Center Height         2.5"            4"
Swing                  5"             8"
Between Centers       12"            20"
Cross Slide Travel     3"            3.5"
Top Slide Travel       2"            2.75"
Spindle Nose          2MT            3MT
Spindle Bore         7/16"           3/4"
Spindle RPM        250-2,000       63-1,500
Motor            1/3 HP, 110V     1 HP, 110V
Shipping Weight     100 lb.         350 lb.

Model                  CRBF65
               Milling Attachment
Swing                  7"
Max. Drill Cap.       3/8"
Max Mill Cap.         7/8"
Column Dia.          2.25"
Table Size               6.25" x 5"
Spindle RPM   375, 570, 1080, 1900
Quill Travel           2"
Shipping Weight       100 lb.

Stand-Alone Mill, CRBF600, has 17" x 6" Table, otherwise same specs, shipping
weight 200 lb.

Mill/ Lathe Combo consists of CRBF65 and CR5X12.

CNC Mill/ Lathe Combo uses your PC.

Please contact Jim Birdsall at Nor Star Machinery, Bellevue, WA, for further
information. 206-747-4708, Fax 206-747-5027.

- Bill Rabel/ Wet Spot Garage/ Seattle

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